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The area of Morella, with more than 400 km2 is the second largest in the Valencia region. It is a privileged place to learn and enjoy nature which has been generous. The landscape stretches a sea of mountains, forests, canyons, areas of great beauty that also are dotted with a rich cultural and artistic heritage, chapels, farms, bridges, buildings and dry stone walls, crosses ...

The cycle of nature in Morella is special for its strong contrasts, from the bareness of winter, the arrival of snow, until the explosion of colours and scents in spring and summer with lots of herbs and wildflowers. And the fall in these mountains boasts its shades of yellow, brown, red and ocher, the smell and taste of mushrooms, truffles. A landscape that invites you to unwind, to explore it. To enjoy the senses and stop at the hamlets of Morella, the Roser in Xiva , the forests of La Pobleta , the giant mountains in Herbesset , Ortells and vegetation along the Bergantes river. Some places are almost magical as the river of Les Corses or Cérvol, forests like Vallivana , the Font Donzella , of the Esperança, or the places of La Llàcua and Salvassòria. 

But Morella is also a starting point because of its proximity to see the majestic landscapes of the region of Els Ports. La Mola de la Garumba between Forcall Morella and the river Escalona, among Herbers and Castell de Cabres, Vallibona gorges, mountains, flat mountains, Forcall, Cinctorres, the Red and Brown Rocks in the Celumbres river, the summit of Picaio in Vilafranca or tour the river of the trouts. Another area of great beauty, especially in autumn, is the Barranc dels Horts in Ares and Tinença de Benifassà, Natural Park from 2006 with 7 small villages.



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