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Morella is a place where we argue for the integration into the territory of history and life, past and future. Professionals say this town's architecture is an example of coexistence, harmony, between heritage and modernity . A sort of theme park of medieval, Gothic and modern. There is a kind and wise combination all artistic and historical styles in town. The love of the town that people feel for Morella has achieved over the whole history not to break the visual and aesthetic armony. The beauty is rooted in urban life itself. And today several examples of this way of looking at the future of an ancient town may be enjoyed.

The School-Home in the Alameda , located in this huge park surrounding the town, is a building created by the prestigious architect Carme Pinós. A project that won the 1995 National Architecture Award . Pinós, who at that time shared a studio with the architect Enric Miralles, managed to integrate landscapes in designing a functional school fused to the relief of the mountains and numerous glass walls that let in light, sun and the impressive landscape of Els Ports.

Alongside this primary and boarding school is the new Secondary School, a project designed by the renowned architect Helio Piñón and was nominated for FAD Awards, awarded by Foment of Decorative Arts. The IES of Morella, located in La Alameda, follows the guidelines of the school by Carme Pinos, highlighting further the integration of the building into the natural landscape. Both buildings are simple constructions, minimalist beauty of an attractive in straight lines, the use of architectural elements and the transparency of glass.

In addition, Morella in the eighties revolutionized the concept ofintegrated architecture in heritage to build inside the Church of St. Michael the Health Centre of the population . The project, designed by architect Francisco Merino, is shocking to keep all the internal structure of the church, restoring, including the fresco dome and some chapels, paintings by the local artist Cruella. The Health Center is a set of independent glass modules in which the architect incorporated in the various chapels of the church.There is a huge and unique iron gate in the facade of this temple.


Professionals say this town architecture is an example of coexistence, harmony, between heritage and modernity


The restoration of the Gothic Town Hall building is another example. Project designed by architect Miguel del Rey which won a Prix Europa Nostra, the recognition of a perfect integration of modern and historic. La Casa de la Vila preserved, after recovery, all the splendor and beauty of the Gothic, incorporating modern elements that seem to float within the thick stone walls.

Finally, note the new housing complex known as El Tint, which occupies a site of a former factory of textile dyes. This project, designed by architect Lucas Castellet, forms several blocks of modern houses that seem to extend into the urban space of the Morella and the spectacular surrounding old industrial chimeney. Castellet is also the author of New Sports and Leisure Centre Jaume I, located in L'Alameda, another unique building that blends into the landscape


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