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All the beauty of the gothic

This gothic convent marks the access into the castle. Besides other nearby historic buildings it will become a National Parador Hotel. The church of the convent, from the 14th century, shows the beauty and the simplicity of the original gothic style, as well as the remains of the cloister. In the Chapter House it is kept one of the oldest pieces of macabre Spanish art, the Dance of the Death, pictures from the 15th century which link the aristocracy, the clergy and the low people around the death.

Where is your treasure, there is your heart... (Danza de la Muerte,15th century)


Walls which protect and give warmth

The walls surround all the town of Morella. Although they have an origin previous to the conquest of James I, the present wall dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries with some modifications in the 18th century in the upper part, now there are loopholes. There are 2 km of wall, crossed by 7 gates and 10 towers some of them now lodge different museums.

The gate of Saint Michael, Saint Matthew, Forcall, the gate of the King, where James I entered into Morella; the Iron Gate, the place Blasco de Alagón used to enter when he conquered the town to the muslims; or the Fridge Gate, placed near an ice well where snow was kept. These walls are between 10 and 15 m of height and 2 m width. The walls cut the size of Morella, crowned by its castle.


A walk along the history and the life

Cardenal Ram

Walk along the town means discovering beautiful palaces and manor houses like Piquer House (16th century) and the Council and Studies House (16th century) which holds the basement of the ancient House of the Studies where the school used to be, placed in the Studies House.

The House of the Brotherhood of Farmers (17th century), Rovira's House, where the tradition says that San Vicente Ferrer made the miracle of resurrection of a child whose mother had sacrified to the saint. Palaces like the Cardenal Ram (16th century) has become a hotel, the palace of the Cruilles Marquis (16th century) or the Ciurana de Quadres Palace (14th century).


Between the past and the future

The building of the Town Hall dates back to the 14th century. It is located in the urban centre of Morella. The full construction includes interesting and attractive gothic rooms like the Council and the Justice. The Town Hall of Morella has seen many historical meetings, and it possesses the Europa Nostra Award of architectonic recovery of heritage. Moreover, its impressive room are used for artistic exhibitions, cultural events, conferences and other events.


Water engineering


This beautiful construction from 1318 keeps the simplicity of the gothic being at the same time an important hydraulic work. Two pieces of it have been preserved which show us how in the medieval time water was carried to supply the town of Morella. The remains of this aqueduct can be seen in a place you can enjoy the impressive views of Els Ports.


Arquitecture religious

Morella is sprinkled of churches and shrines. In the urban area we can find Sant Miquel, which has become a health centre unit. It is a building from the 14th century. We can also find the church of Sant Joan, or the church of Sant Nicolau, building from the 13th century, late Romanesque which accommodates the Museum of the Sexenni. In the wide area of the municipal district there are examples of these buildings, most gothic, which appear in the natural landscape and there are also details like Crosses, the shrines of Santa Llúcia, next to the aqueduct, or the one in La Puritat neighbourhood.

Tourist office

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