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Distance: 8.5 Km

Time: 2h 55'
Difficulty: Medium



Track of the path



From the refuge Pereroles we must go back to the cliff de Llepús, point where there are two of its small tributaries and the path from Pereroles to Herbeset. Walk about 1500 meters on the track that runs and coincides largely with the bed of the ravine and afterwards, the trail continues about 375 meters near its bed. At this point, you finally leave the cliff of Llepús to continue, at first, by the bed of a small tributary on the left. After a short flat path through the forest, the trail leaves the bed of the cliff on the left. From there, you will have to go uphill along a difficult slope which, after enclosing a clay reservoir, continues through a narrow track in the middle of the scrublands.

This trail leads you to the houses of Mas de Adell, but you won't arrive there, because, just before that point, the path leaves the track and goes uphill until it reaches another track. Walk on the left about a hundred meters, then leave it again to go up a trail which is easy to walk at first, but after, it is more pronounced.

This trail will take you through the woods until you reach the Mas de la Bruna, to which we arrive along a flat path that leaves the wood behind. You have to go around the cottage on the right and continue down a steep path that leads you to the cliff Arnau. The trail turns quickly into a street with walls on both sides, reaching the houses of the Mas d'Arnau that we have to surround on the right to go down a path that will lead you to the gully Arnau. Here, a long slope begins, first through a path, but immediately you will take a track to the right. The trail climbs steeply and it arrives at a crossroads. The path continues to the left and it goes up until you reach a forest reservoir; that is the point where the trail ends. Follow the path on the right of the tank, the path continues on a trail that goes down through a pine forest in a steep slope, and it ends up in a track. Cross this track and go down until you arrive to a zone with thicker vegetation and some plots, until you reach another trail that crosses the path. You need to walk around a small building on the left and go down a small slope until you reach the cliff García. Go down the ravine, and when you arrive at the intersection with one of its tributaries, you have to climb the right side of the gully García, under a stony wall. Our climb ends on a track that has to be crossed a few meters after to finally go down a wide path with a stonewall until we reach the village of Herbés.

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