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The return of the first people who inhabited Morella

Discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs and their history in this museum, located next to the church of Sant Miquel. Morella and Els Ports is a land of strata that formed between the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous, between 146 and 98 million years. Water covered the valleys which have left abundant and valuable remains of marine and calcareous algae. In the Cretaceous, in the district of Morella, the evolution leads to the formation of clays, a feature that has allowed the presence of numerous dinosaur remains. For decades paleontologists have been exploring and discovering these treasures, dinosaur bones, highlighting the most commonly found and studied, the Iguanodon. In this museum you can enjoy a full-scale reproduction of this magnificent animal that lived on these lands. Next to the Iguanodon, Morella has much more paleontological remains from carnivorous theropods to large herbivores and ornithopods. The Museum Time of Dinosaurs is a journey to the center of the earth, where adults and children run through the fascinating world of geology and paleontology through the collection of fossils from the Cretaceous


Morella, a strategic town

The rich historical heritage of this town can be seen in the network of museums that will be expanded further in the future. Temps de História, located in the Tower of the Fridge shows the importance of Morella over the centuries, taking into account that this town is a crossroad. In this unique building you go through archaeological and artistic documents, models, flags, weapons ... the most important events that have taken place in this town. Especially the role of Morella and Maestrazgo in the Carlist Wars, with General Ramón Cabrera, The Tiger of Maestrazgo.



Every six years, heat and colour of the festivity

Installed in the church of St. Nicholas, the museum "De Sis en Sis" shows the value and beauty of a tradition that remains since 1673. The Sexenni festival is among the oldest in the Mediterranean while preserving a cultural heritage as important as the music of pipes and drums, the costumes and dances. Another of this rich heritage are the ornaments of the streets of Morella. Every six years, the medieval town prepares itself to host the Sexenni with handmade ornaments made by the local residents. If at first it was just done with bushes and plants, now the ornamentation is done with curly tissue paper. The paper curled up to make designs that fill the medieval streets. Colour, beauty and tradition that we enjoy in this museum and learn about the process of assembling these tapestries and ornaments. There is also an interesting collection of photographs of the festival, traditional dresses of the Sexenni, music and other traditional elements.


The look of Morella

The Tower of Beneito houses this fascinating museum. Through the image of professional photographers, we discover the life of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Morella. A trip to learn about traditions, ethnology, customs, besides being an important legacy of the history of photography. The museum includes a reproduction of a photographic study of the early twentieth century, and various pieces of festive attire.


Ecclesiastical wealth in history

Although the entire church is a museum for its artistic and architectural value, in the sacristy there is the Archive-Museum that displays various medieval paintings and ancient manuscripts of the history of Morella. We can admire works of art from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, and many interesting pieces of pottery, jewelry, crucifixes as San Miguel, liturgical textile pieces, suits such as Sant Vicent Ferrer or Pope Benedict XIII. 



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