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The textile tradition of Morella, especially wool, has been one of the oldest economic activities in this city and the whole region of the Ports. This activity dates back to the thirteenth century. During the Middle Ages, Morella was a textile factory; the wool sheared from their flocks was by the workshop and spindle in every household. The city had hundreds of looms. They wove carpets, fabrics and cloths, cordellats, barraganes and tartanes, wool, cotton, linen... At that time, Morella traded with other Mediterranean countries, especially Italy, which provided them textile products.
Later, in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century, the most important products were bags, belts, blankets of Morella, blankets for the mules and shepherds. There are still some industries that you can visit that produce blankets, belts, bags and beautiful colorful paintings of great quality. It is a creative handcrafted activity, handed down from generation to generation.

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the population lived exclusively from the textile production and derivatives such as dyeing, thanks to important industrial complexes such as the Factory Giner that established an important connection with the Catalan industry.

The blanket of Morella is unique in its design, its horizontal stripes and the combination of colours. They are made of wool and cotton and are available in various establishments that sell craft products and clothing. These fabrics have evolved in terms of functionality and we can buy them not only as blankets or quilts, but also to create curtains, table runners, cushions, bags, even clothing and accessories for cultural and festive costumes.


"A horas altas revivo tu contorno
me acerco en duermevela
para besar tu aire y rodear
tus murallas Morella
y acogerme a tu asilo y asimiento,
pues soledad me muerde
araña negra quiere envenenar
el vino de mi bota de montero
por detener mi viejo corazón:
yo solo quiero recordar ahí
a alguien que amé
feliz sobre una manta de colores:
revivirnos a mí y a la muchacha;
nuestras siluetas juntas:
lo más hermoso que jamás yo viera.


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