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The black truffle from Morella is a coveted and tasty fruit of the earth and a referent in the Spanish sector. The picking and commercialization, which is not regulated, is one of its enigmas. The season runs from November to February and the truffle market of Morella is held every Friday night, although very few people are aware of this activity. Only the intense smell of the truffles near the Portal de Sant Mateu tells the presence of a transaction that can reach huge amounts of money. A lot of people who want to buy truffles come to Morella, from Aragon and Catalonia. A good amount of these carpophorus potatoes are obtained in the fields of Morella and Els Ports, and it is exported France. In fact, the truffle was known in Morella in the twentieth century, during the fifties, when the French "hunters" traveled to this region to look for "something that smelled strong" on the mountains. A legend added to the history of the truffles and their aphrodisiac power. The Egyptians, Greeks and Roman ate the truffle, it was forbidden during the Middle Ages, but the nobility continued to eat it, and during the Renaissance it was used again in the French cuisine.

The Perigord truffle or black truffle known as 'black gold' in gastronomy, grows up in the bowels of the oak, establishing a symbiosis that benefits both the fungus and the tree. With the adequate soil conditions, climate, and time span, the delectable mushrooms are produced. It requires humidity during the Easter, and during the summertime, it has to grow on high and cold areas.

This process is controlled and the truffle trees are supervised by their owners who looking for the fruit with the help of the 'truffle dogs'. The precious fruit is characterized by its globular, black, rough and irregular appearance, and by its strong odour. You can buy truffles in the food establishments of the city.

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