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Castle of Morella
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Castle of Morella

A walk along Morellavolver


Travelling to Morella means personal experience. Because Morella is not only a medieval scenario, it is also a town alive. It is a human landscape. From the restaurants, where the Morella gastronomy is cooked, we can discover wisdom, love and tradition. There is no cook who does not honour his ancestors. Family heritage, from mothers and grandmothers, has passed culinary habits and customs.

The town opens its walls
Morella opens your hearts

In the looms and shops we can listen to the sounds of history, whole families working the wool ... and nowadays, proud of themselves, their heirs have recovered the trade. We can feel how the maker of canvas espandrilles works and how in the delicatessen shops Morella's sweet cakes are part of the tradition.

Morella is a living town and walking its paved street we discover unbelievable corner of beauty. It is recommended to stroll Morella, get lost in the streets, to find out a wooden door where craftspeople have left their work. Look at the roofs. Look at the balconies of Morella, life is hanging everywhere. All kind of curtains, flowers which light up the stones. The population of Morella loves this town. They care, protect and preserve it. This love has not disappeared along the centuries.







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