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If there is something that truly evokes memories, dreams or feelings are certain smells.

Aromas de Morella was created with the intention of giving our visitors the essence of our land, the fragrances of our fields that perfume our souls, our hearts, our bathrooms, our homes! 

The lavender of Morella used to refresh the corners of our house, used to perfume our wardrobes and our courtyards. Its essential oil was used to soften our skin and it would cure the flu or blows on the head…and it still does!

Morella smells of rosemary, of thyme, of lavender; and during the summer it smells of orange or lemon blossom!

That’s how we created “Aigua de Morella”, a bouquet for the whole family, regardless of age and to be enjoyed at any given time.

Thake with you the smell of Morella. Shop at Aromes de Morella.

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