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PR-CV 217 Xiva-Hortells-Forcallvolver

Distance: 12.7 Km
Time: 2h 55'
Difficulty: low
Topography: 1:25.000 IGN. 545-I, 544-II, 520-III
1:50.000 IGN/SGE. 545 (30-21), 544 (29-21), 520 (30-2)



Track of the path


The paht information


Go out the main street of Xiva that leads to the exit of the village. At the first intersection to the right, follow the forest track. After crossing two small ravines, a bound on the right shows us the path that leaves the track and continues until the top of a hill (Coll of Ortells). Pass through a gate and continue straight through a sort of trail, which descends and quickly turns into a proper path. Pass through another barrier, and then continue on the path to a forest track. Continue on the trail to the left and do not leave it until you reach the road from Morella to Ortells.

Once on the road, Ortells is about 300 meters on the right. At this point, the marks disappear, but you must continue on the road to the right and go up until you arrive to a track that goes to the left (just before the village). After taking that track, go down until you arrive to the river Bergantes near a soccer court.

The road crosses the river near some rocks. Once on the other side, continue on the left of the trail, which is parallel to the riverbed, and then go up. You will arrive at a farm on the banks of the river, located under a large rock. The path crosses the masía until it arrives at a track that is in the same direction of our hike. It passes near some farms and leads you to the entrance road of Villores.
Follow the road to the left and walk about a hundred meters. The marks of the PR appear immediately. The route leaves the road and continues on the trail passing near a small house; further on, leave the track on the left and continue along the path. The trail goes up and down through a wooded area until it arrives to another track that must be followed to the left where there is a terminal that indicates the direction. Finally, cross the bridge of the river Bergantes to arrive to Forcall.


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