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PR-CV 216 MORELLA - XIVAvolver

Distance: 8 Km
Time:2h Dificultad: media.
Topography: 1:25.000 IGN. 544-II, 545-I.
1:50.000 IGN/SGE. 544 (29-21), 545 (30-21)



Track of the path


The path information


There is a small trail, marked by white and yeloww lines

You will start in Morella at the gate of Sant Miquel and continue towards the medieval aqueduct. After the first stretch, follow the road that turns right towards the second section of the aqueduct.

Once you arrive there, a panel indicates you to turn left onto a footpath. At this point, go uphill along a stony path. After the first turn, the path begins to flatten out. There is a junction with a track that is closed by a fence for the livestock. Cross the track and continue straight through following the indications of the PR track. You will pass near a well on your right. The path goes uphill.

On top of a hill, the path continues. After a few meters it deviates to the right and pass under a fence for the livestock. Here, a terminal indicates the change in the slope of the mountain. Continue zig zagging down through a small pine forest. Follow the little path that runs next to the Masía Carceller on the right and watch out because there may be wild animals around. The path leads to the beginning of a ravine that must be followed to the left. After passing through two gates, we arrive at the Masía of Mejora, which is s abandoned. From here, follow the path along the left side of the ravine. The path follows the contour of the ravine, which becomes deeper as you walk. From there, you can already see Xiva and the Roser hermitage at the bottom of the ravine, and also the source of the river Xiva. The road descends until the entrance of the village.

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