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PR-CV 119 Morella - Cinctorresvolver

Distance: 7.3 km
Time: 1 h 55'
Difficulty: medium
Topography: 1:50000
Forcall 544 (29-21) - Morella 545 (30-21)
Ayuntamiento de Morella



Track of the path


The path informatio


The route starts at the Coll Canteret, where there is a junction with the PR-CV 116 Mas Pereu. You can arrive there from Morella follwing the GR-7 and PR-CV 116. Parallel to the road to Cinctorres, there is a path that goes and quickly turns into a trail. It leaves a ravine on the left, fords another ravine that leads to the main one and finally you will arrive at a track that you will leave on the left. After a few meters walking on the track, you should leave it on the right to return to a trail and, once again, you should ford another ravine.

You will arrive at the paved track called Camí del Moll, you must pass through a small gate and go to an area where there is a small ravine, from where you will reach a path on the right which leads you towards the CV-125 and to the path of the "Alta Xumenera." At 1.7 kilometres you take a trail that slopes gently to the right, zig zagging, until you reach a fence that provides access to the road through another barrier. Cross the CV-125 and go down the mountain crossing twice the CV-125.

You will descend towards a track that has to be crossed; walk towards the electrical tower, from where you will head towards the river Caldés. Cross the river and take a track to the left leaving the Mas de la Màquina on the left and you will arrive to the CV-125 road. Once you pass the Caseta of Marceli, take a path that you will find on your right. A little further on, the trail has paved parts. Leave on your right the path of the Mas de Serra and also some other roads, and follow the Cami Vell de Morella (the old road of Morella) and "El camí dels Plans." Finally, a trail will lead you to Cinctorres through the walls, which connects the PR CV-118 and CV-SL 33, 34, 35 and 36.

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