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PR-CV 116 Morella - Forcallvolver

Distance: 15.15 Km
Time: 3h 52'.
Difficulty: medium.
Topography: 1:25.000 IGN. 544-II, 545-I.
1:50.000 IGN/SGE. 544 (29-21), 545 (30-21)



Track of the path

 The path information




This is a short hiking trall, marked by white and yellow lines. 

We must follow the GR-7, to the summit of the Sierra del Águila. From this intersection, instead of going straight, turn right on the trail that runs along the ridge of the mountain to the road that connects Morella to Cinctorres. Cross the road and continue along the path that goes towards the foot of the hill Muela of Garumba.

To go up the Mola we must pass a small barrier leaving the Mas de Segureta de la Mola on the right, then take the path that goes up, near an old fabric industry. Further on, the road passes next to a pond that we should leave on the left, then after several S, we arrive at a wooden fence, the only access to the Mola on that side.

If we walk a little higher, there is a marker, which tells us that the road turns northwest. The highest point of the road is 1125 meters. You must continue towards the northeast of the Mola, through a small cave where the herds were kept in the past. The road passes by a precipice of 30 to 50 meters, where you can see vultures. You must continue on a path between pines and oaks, until you reach the track that goes from the Mas de Xorrador until the Mas de la Mola.

Continue along the trail and cross a small barrier. Then the road turns to the left, leave the track when it turns sharply to the right. At this point, we reach a small gate and a source, the fountain of La Carrasca. The path continues to the west and finally you will arrive at the terrace of the Roca del Migdia, which offers a beautiful view of the Forcall, the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol and the Castle of Todolella. You must descent towards the hermitage of Consolación following the water tank. Go down the road, and behind a small hermitage you will finally found the Font de l'Om. In a few minutes, you will arrive to Forcall passing through the bridge of the river Calders.

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