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Distance: 7,2 Km

Time: 2h 12'
Difficulty: Medium



Track of the path



The path begins climbing the cliff Llepús from the Pereroles refuge. First you have to walk about 1500 meters on the track that follows the bed of the ravine, and once it finishes, continue the path that goes near the bed of the ravine for about 375 meters. The path joins the Barranc Llepús with two small tributaries of the ravine, and then go out of that trail.

The road to Herbés begins there, on your left. The trail crosses the bed of the ravine, and it crosses it again to climb the rock wall that separates the Barranc Llepús of its first tributary, so you have to climb it on the left. After a short but intense climb, the road goes down to the bed of the tributary ravine of the Barranc Llepús. You have to go up for a few meters before leaving it on the right and continue uphill until you reach the feeders for cattle. Follow them along the trail that leads you to the road to Herbés.

Once on the road, cross it and then continue on the opposite side of it in parallel for a little less than 200 meters until the path makes an angle of 90 degrees to go up along a dry stonewall with a steep slope. After a meander and a short flat stretch, the Mas Darsa will appear. Until then, the path is wide and paved. You will pass underneath the Mas Darsa before going down a short slope with vegetation until you arrive to a small ravine. Cross the ravine, and then continue down along the right side in the direction of our itinerary. After walking through a pine forest, the road takes a turn in a route with dry stonewalls, built in order to reach the Mas de Giner.

The path surrounds the houses on the right, and it still follows a stretch of the alley until it reaches the bed of the gully Herbeset, always going down. After a short walk on his bed, cross the ravine and leave it to your right while you climb. Go down a slope that passes through a forest, until you arrive to the graveyard of Herbeset. At this point, it turns right. You will immediately arrive to the lower part of the village of Herbeset, and you will enjoy the stunning views.

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