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Estatua Alameda, Morella
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Estatua Alameda, Morella

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Outside the walls of Morella has been created which is known as the Paseo de Ronda or the Second Alameda. This is a hiking trail that extends along the entire wall and outside the village. It is a route that circles the town and which enables us to discover attractive places and different views of Morella and the region of Els Ports. You can begin this path at any door of access to the town, although most prefer to start from the towers of Sant Miquel.


Another relaxing, fascinating ride is visiting the Alameda, an urban route linking the Gate of the Studies with the Gate of the Fridge, around the back of the town. This tour offers a glimpse of an attractive silhouette of the castle as well as an excellent view of the mountains of Els Ports. In the Alameda are unique buildings such as the primary school, the secondary school and the Sports Center Jaume I, in addition to theLocal Swimming Pool. Note that this route offers the opportunity to walk, also near the castle, including an attractive pine forest.

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