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The four seasonsvolver


Winter smells of wood and snow, truffle and the northern winds fly in the air. Coldness becomes warmness at home, at the table, in the hotels. When fall comes in September, the town is painted in the colours of the season, red, yellow and the first chimneys start breathing. Autumn is also the time of the mushrooms, going out to the countryside with a wicker basket, taking advantage of the last warm days, the warm sun.

Spring is an explosion of colours and smells. The mountain is full of beauty, the smell of rosemary and thyme, furze and all the herbs and bushes which blossom in these months. When lavender smells it means summer is here. The streets are full of fiesta and happiness.

Four seasons which mark the pass of time, periods when the gastronomy offers several possibilities and the people of Morella can't stop feeling because the activities are endless, the cultural events and especially the hospitality and the cohabitation, life in the street.

Morella is different and unique

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