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The cooperative Noverint, dedicated to cultural tourism, has over 30 years experience in the tourism sector.

More than 30,000 people a year visit us and know Morella, taking a good memory of this unique medieval city.

We offer a walk in Morella, where you can enter in medieval times, walking the streets and visiting the most emblematic buildings, such as City Hall, the Archpriest St. Mary Major Basilica, the Castle or Fortress Museums.

We offer different alternatives:

Half day:

- City tour and visit to the Basilica Santa Maria (1.30 h)

- City tour, visiting all the monuments (3h)

Visits of the day:

Visit the city of Morella, panoramic and stop Quesería Pastor with handcrafted own, and municipal museums.

 Night visit:

Wall, City, Jewish Quarter, Plaza dels Tarrascons, Arciprestal Square, we tell stories and legends of the Middle Ages, blending Christians, Muslims, Jews, Cathars or disparate characters like kings, masons and prostitutes.

Visit Families with Children:

We offer a new alternative to Morella and know that while their children are doing parallel activities in the Dinosaur Museum.

Educational visits to school

From the Department of Teaching, Noverint offers a series of cultural activities with activities for school and Primary Education and guided tours for ESO and Bachiller, related to the cultural heritage of the city of Morella:

· Dinosaurs in Morella and educational workshops (3-7 years)

· Educational booklet "A stroll through the Medieval Morella" (8-11 years)

· Guided tours, tailored to the grade and corresponding age (12 -18 years)


And we also do tours of the Comarca Els Ports/Maestrazgo

For more information call tlfn.964160793, enter the site.

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