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Centre BTT Els Ports - Ruta 2volver

Distance: 17.7 Km
Time: 2h 09'.
Difficulty: Hard / Ramp: 590 m.

Morella in the skyline

There are some images that just seeing them only once so that they are forever imprinted in memory. Images are unmistakable, individual, unique, beautiful. The silhouette of Morellaes one: as soon as a turn in the road the first displayed to the traveler, he will know for sure, and will always remain in his memory.
The route that we propose makes mandatory the camera, is a journey of view of Morella, with most spectacular than we can see from the various road access. The tour is a postal these strips sold in souvenir places but stitched pedal strokes back of our BTT. Do not expect, however, a leisurely stroll. We'll have to climb ramps that will make your chest rumble with each beat, and let down others force us to focus on the five senses that we do, but we will also have a somewhat flatter stretch to enjoy the views. It's a short route, has a total of about 18 miles, but with a cumulative rise of just over 600 meters, a journey, then, short but intense, and very full, in sports and in extracurricular sports.

The level of difficulty of the route (red), it is for several reasons: one is that takes us from the Fábrica Giner to cruising altitude in a fairly steady climb hard for sign something loose at times, but very cyclable, another is the descent from the Serra de l'Àguila to Bergantes, down steep and technical, while it is true that the most committed are few and very brief, and the last reason is the rise to Morella, again very hard. These three elements are what largely determine the level of difficulty.

In any case, there are enough to make this route exclusively for trained athletes and very technical. The first stage of ascent, uploading would delay we walk more than 30 minutes on the calculated time. Less delay even when we walk down the stretch to Bergantes. And access to Morella, plus the option of removing the bike when we please, (which would take us less than the 30 minutes), we can do it by the entrance road to Morella. Everyone can choose according to their interests, their level and however you want. In any case, even using twice the expected time of two hours, the route can be completed in a reasonable time, and worth it, she takes it in stride as both enjoying its most sports.

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