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Centre BTT Els Ports - Ruta 3volver

Distance: 30.9 Km
Time: 3h 33'.
Difficulty: Hard / Ram: 794 m.

After the ravines and cliffs

On this route climb gradient both by road and then go down. Indeed, we have the opportunity to ascend unusually long stretches of trail, some of earth, rock or other paved stairs. Thanks to them, this route will test our skills, and our strength, a pleasure for many lovers of mountain biking. But not all the paths we take up, it is said that both path as you go down go up then. Find dark flights of steep descent through pine forests, with some riot-to fine-workers, twisty sections the oaks, and very fast if we are entertained, and after a long stretch of path along the cliffs hanging over closing a beautiful ravine for llanear amid the cliff, and then take the fall for a series of cobbled curves.

Comes to recur in this guide warn that these sections, which are attractive to fans more technical, should not be a deterrent to other fans calmer. The issue is the willingness of each. What I could not pretend, for a no-no for others, is to make this a quick route. The tour invites you to enjoy the scenery and the road. Other routes to them which focus only on sports. Here it is the opposite, and the technical points are that: points are localized and short sections, linked by much less demanding. If we do not try, just ever few meters walk and ride again on the BTT to continue enjoying the route. And if anything you can spare to this route are inducements to enjoy. Some of the best pictures from around the Els Ports MTB Centre we are going to find in this way.


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