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Centre BTT Els Ports - Ruta 4volver

Distance: 31.8 Km
Time: 3h 24'.
Difficulty: Hard / Ramp: 734 m.

Sant Cristòfol de Sarañana of mountains and ocean

During this trip we will visit places worth entertaining for a while and enjoy this simple pleasure so complicated to understand, sometimes, it is simply to be. But the shrine itself, where the summit is a special place, just as it is a visual reference for most of the Els Ports, also is a resounding balcony from which the view is lost in a endless mountains, among which we can recognize a multitude of people and places.

This route has three or four really demanding, some up and others down, but, as in other trades, these points do not represent even 1% of the total travel, which, not having the necessary technical or physical level, simply removing a time are released. It is this observation again to discourage not make the trip to those who think they are above their level. Should evaluate the length and slope, and, if not excessive for us, the route has major attractions, and calmly and wisely in difficult spots, enjoy even more.

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