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Centre BTT Els Ports - Ruta 8volver

Distance: 48,5 Km
Time: 6h.
Difficulty: Very hard  / Ramp: 1555 m.

Intense Nature

The route proposed here Dena First part of the River, then enters the Morella la Vella Dena, Dena below in the Font de Torres, follows by Dena of the Rock, by Dena Segona of River, the Coll i Dena Moll and Dena First returns to the River.
We will see as many farms, but few inhabited, in Els Ports are already scarce. Too bad there are not more inhabited farmhouses, the tenant farmers provide a major contribution to environmental conservation and protection especially against fire: On one hand, making judicious use of the land slows the spread of fire. Moreover its presence is the best guarantee of warning and early action.

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