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Morella (Castellón), Matarraña (Teruel) and Terra Alta (Tarragona) are administratively divided into three different provinces, but share a similar culture and way of life. They have always been closely linked due to their geographical proximity and now, through this project, they try to unite and place value on the resources of the three zones.

In former times, the old commercial relationships, with routes that began in the inland and arrived until the Mediterranean and vice versa; The fairs, which represented the commercial meeting point; The links established between the traditions of each region, similar in many aspects, the gastronomy, with dishes and desserts that although the different name, have the same flavor. Currently, the olive, the vine, the almond are cultivated in the regions. In livestock, meat products derived from pork and lamb are the economic base of the three areas.


Cultural demonstrations, gastronomy, landscape, architecture or language, make the visitor unable to distinguish the administrative boundaries, and relate the three regions with a single territory. In addition, it is very attractive to know the three territories, as they have many things in common, but also great contrasts. Thus, the area has a great monumental heritage, charming villages, mountains and spectacular rivers or a large assortment of products.

Below you can find a brochure that has been jointly edited, in which you can see the three territories with all the points of interest marked and tourist information.


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